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The five elements are the building blocks for everything on earth, including our bodies. Being made of these elements, we are most comfortable when all are present in an environment.

Wood • Green and blue spectrums • Plants and flowers • All woods • Columns/beams/pedestals/poles/stripes • Fabrics: floral print upholstery, wall-coverings, draperies, linens • Art depicting landscapes, gardens, plants, and flowers

Fire • Red spectrum • Triangle/pyramid/conical shapes • Animal-based materials such as fur/leather/bone/feathers/wool • All lighting • Art depicting people/animals/sunshine/light/fire

Earth • Yellow and earth tone spectrums • Square/rectangle/long, flat surface shapes • Materials such as adobe, brick, tile, ceramic, earthenware • Art depicting earthy landscapes of deserts, fields, etc.

Metal • White and light pastel spectrums • Circle/oval shapes • Materials such as stainless steel, copper, brass, iron, silver, aluminum, gold, marble, granite, flagstone, natural crystals, , gemstones • Art made from metal or stone

Water • Black and dark tone spectrums • Flowing/ free-form/asymmetrical shapes • Reflective surfaces (cut crystal/glass/mirrors) • Streams/rivers/pools/fountains • Art depicting water features

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